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Conference Location

NO. 29 at Yudao street, qinhuai district, Nanjing

The north gate of NUAA (opposite to the Grand Metro park hotel and closest entrance to NUAA from the Minggugong metro station gates)

Office of International Students affairs (200m inside from the West gate of NUAA, which is the main entrance). 

IVIS2015 conference will be held in the Student Recreation Centre HUST ofNanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) atMingguogong (Ming palace) campus.

Howcan I use public transportation in Nanjing:

*Nanjinghas several metro lines. Metro lines 1,S1 and 2are most important ones.

*Line1 connect North Nanjing to South and Line2 connect East to West. Conference place near to Metro stationMingguogong on Line 2. And Xinjiekou iscross of Line 1 and 2.

*Line S1 connect Lukou Airport to NanjingSouth Railway station.

*To use the metro, there is coin kiosk to buy coins. They have Englishmenu. You can choose Departure and Arrival stations on touch screen.Then you can pay for one trip.

1-From Nanjing Lukou International Airport

a)You can use S1 metro line toNanjing South Railway Station. Later transfer to Line1 to Xinjiekou then transfer to Line2 to Minggugongmetro station

b)Or taking the airport bus to go Rui Jin Road air plane ticket office.This place very near the Yudao Road.

c)Or taking a taxi (RMB 102, approximately)

2-From Nanjing railway station use Line1 to go Xinjiekou and then transfer to Line2 to go Mingguogong metro station

Ortaking a taxi (RMB 25, approximately).

3-From Nanjing South Railway Station

a)Use Line 1 to Xinjiekouthen transfer to Line2 to Minggugongmetro station

b)Or taking a taxi (RMB 29, approximately)

*Taking the options with Nanjing Metro (subway) routes are the safestand cheapest options, since Mingguogong station is right outside theNUAA location. 


The map of Nanjing Metro Lines (Please Click For Bigger)