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Scope and Topics

      IVIS2015 encourages participation of researchers and suppliers of VIP in building,refrigeration and cryogenic applications at a world-wide scale. Interestedparticipants can submit papers related to the following nine topics:

1.     VIP core material:

      1.1  Glass fiber, Glass wool;

      1.2  The gas phase silica, Nano inorganic powders;

      1.3  Aerogels;

      1.4  Polymeric foams (Organic foam, Polyurethane foam, Phenolic foam etc);

2.     VIP envelope material:

      2.1  Plastic surface metallization;

      2.2  Under vacuum deposition methods (PVD, CVD etc);

      2.3  Thermal evaporation of metals (roll-to-roll processing);

      2.4  Plastic film laminated composite, Plastic film and the metal film laminated composite;

      2.5  Plastic hot melt welding, Sheet metal welding;

      2.6  Plastic film protection;

3.     VIP application for building applications:

      3.1  VIP application in building outside wall;

      3.2  VIP application in building in interior wall;

      3.3  VIP application on the roof, indoor ground;

4.     VIP application for refrigeration applications;

5.     VIP application for transport boxes;

6.     Models of heat and moisture transfer;

7.     Novel ideas and applications of VIP;

8.     VIP product demonstrations;

9.     VIP Characterization and Assessment:

      9.1  Internal pressure;

      9.2  Thermal conductivity;

      9.3  Thermal bridge;

      9.4  Aging and service life test.