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Dining place

Fresh food at Minggugong Campus

Jovial NUAA canteen employees showing off some of the local delicacies, including the popular dish spicy crawfish
    Your brain cant do its best on an empty stomach.  Fortunately at the Minggugong Campus of Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, there are sufficient catering facilities provided in the canteens, located opposite to the conference building. The normal canteens are open everyday between 7am-9am (Breakfast), 11am-1am (lunch) and 5pm-7pm (supper).

The two canteen buildings in Minggugong Campus of NUAA (left and right canteen building)
    In the canteens, you are sure to be provided some of the best delicacies of Nanjing city. There are 2 canteen buildings, the left and right. Till second floors of each buildings you will find stalls with traditional Chinese food at very cheap price. Normally average price per dish in these floors would cost you 5-10 RMB depending on your taste. The environment ofcourse is typical to traditional Chinese restaurants.

Lively atmosphere in one of the canteen buildings
Halal food quarters for muslims

    On the third floor of the right canteen building there are spacious facilities of Halal food section. 

5-star class chinese restaurant

    Tao Li Park (3rd floor of the left canteen building) is a 5-star class chinese restaurant providing the very best of chinese cuisine. It is the most popular canteen of NUAA, which can host private banquet ceremonies to buffet for all. This restaurant is open from 5pm till 11pm everyday.